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Select Primary Key value from Table dynamically-Sql Server

Select Primary Key value from Table dynamically Hello friends, Today I am going to teach select primary key value from any table dynamically. At the time development we need primary key many times so no need to create another stored procedure.Below store procedure help to find out primary...
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Should we Shrink database – Sql Server

Should we Shrink database – Sql Server Lets try to understand with an example. First we will create database and add some tables in that database with some sample data and then we will major fragmentation level as well size of database & log. After that we will...
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Find Blocking queries in Sql Server

Find Blocking queries in Sql Server Hello folks, today I will explain regarding most common problem of blocking in Sql Server. There are so many developers having same question “How can we find blocking queries in Sql Server”. Let’s try to take an example and understand how to...
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Remove blank lines in Sql Server Script

Remove Unnessasary Blank lines
Remove blank lines in Sql Server Script Problem: Let’s say we have a script in which there are blank lines in between two lines and you want to remove these blank lines from that script. Have look into below image, As image we want to remove blank lines...
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Difference between Nullable<> and ?

Difference between Nullable<> and ? Hello friends, till now I have explained regarding different differences between. So I recommend you read all difference betweens. Today I am going to explain you regarding Difference between Nullable<> and ?. Every one is having question which should we use from Nullable<> and...
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Difference between String and string in C#

Difference between String and string string is an alias in C# for System.String. So technically, there is no difference. It’s like int vs. System.Int32. Find below code to prove above sentence. [crayon-5cba692ef3e1c412728927/]   As far as guidelines, I think it’s generally recommended to use string any time you’re...
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Difference Between WCF and WebAPI

Hello folks, hope you all are doing well. Today I want to explain regarding difference between WCF and Web API and which should you pick for your project with detailed explanation. I have already discussed regarding Difference between WCF and Web Service and Difference between SOAP and REST, You should look into...
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