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Log writing for events performed by the Users in Asp.Net

Today we will learn about how to Log writing for events performed by the Users in Asp.Net. For any (web/desktop) applications, it is equally important to track actions or events being performed by users with it’s working flow. Any system will be working properly as its designed to be...
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Difference between SOAP and REST

What is the difference between soap and rest, which has been explained as below: SOAP REST SOAP stands for Simple object access protocol REST stands for Representational state transfer SOAP is Object oriented REST is Resource Oriented SOAP contains and describes the common set of rules to define the...
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How to hide CKEditor toolbars or buttons

How to hide CKEditor toolbars or buttons In this section we will go over through the process of hiding buttons or toolbar from CKEditor. As there are lot of available option in the CKEditor by default but as per some requirement  we need to hide some button or toolbar...
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keep session alive in asp.net

keep session alive in asp.net Add below script in Master Page : [crayon-5cba6595f02ef267154155/]   Add one aspx page in your application and replace whole page code with the following code : [crayon-5cba6595f02f4806436135/]  
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Find controls inside grid view using JQuery

Find controls inside grid view using JQuery Below is the code which loops through grid view and find check box I have put inside template field. Then I find the other controls based on the id of the check  box I have found inside the current row of...
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datakey from GridView RowCommand

Hello everyone, till now we have seen different tutorials regarding asp.net, today I want to go further in deep for Datakey from GridView RowCommand. Please understand this concept of Datakey from GridView RowCommand by example. [crayon-5cba6595f0640739161276/] If there is single datakey in the DataKeyNames Exp : DataKeyNames=”EmployeeId” [crayon-5cba6595f0645168055527/]   If...
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Print the contents of DIV

We can simply use below java script function to print a web page or Print the contents of DIV.  Here we need to give the id of the table or div which we need to print. Use below java script function to Print a web page or Print...
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jQuery Datepicker with asp.net

In asp.net we have to add Ajax control library for Datepicker,which takes time to get load on page and heavy control too. We have one alternative for that jquery datepicker with asp.net. Here we have first add jquery link and javascript reference as bellow: [crayon-5cba6595f0964143259279/] Write a code...
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Auto-complete textbox using Jquery

auto-complete textbox using JQuery Jquery functions : [crayon-5cba6595f0afc019047336/]   server side code : [crayon-5cba6595f0b01030853466/] now assign the comma separated list of the city to strCity in the page_load. this all you have to do for the auto complete TextBox.
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