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Bulk insert using XML,ASP.NET,SQL

There are some cases when a programmer need a way to bulk insert data into sql. There are lot many option available to achieve this task. In this post we are going with a XML. We will look into how can we do bulk insert using XML,ASP.NET,SQL So...
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Grid Sorting navigate to Onbeforeunload Event

Hello Folks, my friend came to me with one issue like he has given window.onbeforeunload event to warn the user before leaving page but in that page 2-3 grids are there. So whenever he was doing sorting in grid onbeforeunload event fires up and warning message pop ups....
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Sorting DataList in asp.net

Hello Folks, I was wondered while searching for content that how to do sorting in datalist, but didn’t get any useful content. Finally i end up on searching and started thinking that how i will do it than idea strikes my mind and succeed in that. So i...
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