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Forms Bootstrap

Forms Bootstrap There are three types of Forms Bootstrap: Vertical Layout Inline Layout Horizontal Layout   1. Vertical Layout: This is a basic layout of form. All inputs must be placed within <form> tag. Labels and input controls need to be written in <div> with class “.form-group” applied....
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Table in Bootstrap

Table in Bootstrap Table in Bootstrap is working with class table. Example: [crayon-5cba6581d678c436838789/] OUTPUT: Stripped Table in Bootstrap To achive Striped in Table in Bootstrap, we just give “table table-striped” class. Example: [crayon-5cba6581d6792795561473/] OUTPUT: Border of Table in Bootstrap: We have to just add “table table-bordered” css class in table...
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Bootstrap CSS and Typography

Bootstrap CSS and Typography 1. Container class In grid system, we saw that all contents to be written within the div having .container class. This class wraps a content of a page and center it easily. Example: [crayon-5cba6581d6a2d705056397/] Output: 2. Heading  [crayon-5cba6581d6a33076314057/] OUTPUT: 2.1 Sub Heading [crayon-5cba6581d6a36505206983/] OUTPUT: 3. Lead...
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Bootstrap Grid System

Bootstrap Grid System Grid system represents data in rows and columns. As per written in bootstrap official documentation- “Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases. It includes predefined classes for easy layout...
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What is Bootstrap?

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is the most popular HTML,CSS , JavaScript framework for designing and developing responsive mobile first means designing and online experience for mobile before designing it for desktop web or any other device. Web applications or sites in the current time. Bootstrap was developed by...
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