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Yes or No confirm box using jQuery

Files required for Yes or No confirm box using jQuery: Jquery.alerts.css Jquery.alerts.js help.gif(in root image folder) important.gif(in root image folder) info.gif(in root image folder) JQuerytitle.gif(in root image folder) To download above files please click on  jquery.alerts-1.1 Jquery function : [crayon-5cba6599a51f7656566399/]   You can download working example for same at...
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Find controls inside grid view using JQuery

Find controls inside grid view using JQuery Below is the code which loops through grid view and find check box I have put inside template field. Then I find the other controls based on the id of the check  box I have found inside the current row of...
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jQuery Datepicker with asp.net

In asp.net we have to add Ajax control library for Datepicker,which takes time to get load on page and heavy control too. We have one alternative for that jquery datepicker with asp.net. Here we have first add jquery link and javascript reference as bellow: [crayon-5cba6599a58f6230480440/] Write a code...
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Auto-complete textbox using Jquery

auto-complete textbox using JQuery Jquery functions : [crayon-5cba6599a5ae6934930817/]   server side code : [crayon-5cba6599a5aec504374882/] now assign the comma separated list of the city to strCity in the page_load. this all you have to do for the auto complete TextBox.
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call code behind method from javascript, asp.net

Call code behind method from javascript, asp.net There are two ways to access code behind method in asp.net using JavaScript: Using ScriptManager and WebMethod Using Jquery and  button click from JavaScript Lets Discuss one by one. 1)  Using ScriptManager and WebMethod First of all add script manager on your...
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Enable or Disable ASP.NET Validation on Client Side

Enable or Disable ASP.NET Validation on Client Side We can enable or disable the validation controls of asp.net using the ValidatorEnable() method of java script. So based on some condition we can decide how validation controls will work. Suppose i have a one check box, if user selects this...
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