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Find most used column names in database – Sql Server

Find most used column names in database Query: [crayon-5cba66f02ca9c646459494/]   Columns Description: ColumnName – column name Tables – number of tables that have particular column name PercentTables – percentage of tables with column with that name   Sample Output of  AdventureWorks2017:
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Find Most Expensive Stored Procedure Sql Server

Problem: An important step in optimizing a system is to take a holistic approach and look at stored procedures that are called very often. These procedures can often be the backbone of a system. Sometimes optimizing these procedures can have a dramatic effect on relieving the physical bottlenecks...
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Analyse Missing Index Sql Server

Analyse Missing Index Sql Server- Script 1 [crayon-5cba66f02e730000880956/]   Analyse Missing Index Sql Server- Script 2 [crayon-5cba66f02e737861933188/] I request you to run both scripts in your testing environment and verify and then run to Analyse Missing Index in Sql Server.  
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