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Enumerate Enum C# with Examples

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How to enumerate Enum C#

Problem: We have enum declared in our class and we want to enumerate enum. How could we enumerate enum let’s together try to understand. Sometimes we get error message like “Enum is a type but used as a variable”. So how can we overcome from this issue!!!


Enum is a type but used as a variable



Let’s say we have a below enum in our code and we want to enumerate enum of DayOfWeek

There are two ways to enumerate enum:

  1. var values = Enum.GetValues(typeof(myenum))
  2. var values = Enum.GetNames(typeof(myenum))

The first will give you values in form on a array of object, and the second will give you values in form of array of String.

Find below code snippet for solution of “How to enumerate Enum in C#?”

We could also use alternate way of implementation as below:




Folks, this is how we could enumerate Enum in C#. As I have explained two different ways to enumerate Enum, if anyone is having another way to enumerate Enum in C#, kindly share with us.


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