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Extension Method in C#

Reflection Introduction c#
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Extension Method in C#

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An Extension method is used to extend existing class, the method must be static.

To define Extension method, we have to follow below steps:

  1. Define class with Static
  2. Define Method using static and method’s first parameter followed by “this” keyword.

Lets have a look into how could we create and consume Extension Method in C# by example:


Extension Method in C#

Extension Method in C#

As explain in example, we have declared “MyExtensionClass” static class in which we have declared static method, which will be used as extension method of string.  We are extending C# string to convert first latter of string in Capital.

You have noticed in code that inside method, I have declared parameter with “this” keyword and declare method with static. By this we could directly use “strFirstLatterUpper” method directly as Extension method of string. We can call that method directly as shown below:

Advantages of Extension Method in C#?
  1. Re-usability of code
  2. Maintainable code
  3. Clean and readable code in LINQ query.
Disadvantages of Extension Method in C#?
  1. There is no compilation error or warning, if you would have Extension method and Regular method with same class or context.


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