Bulk insert using XML,ASP.NET,SQL

There are some cases when a programmer need a way to bulk insert data into sql. There are lot many option available to achieve this task. In this post we are going with a XML. We will look into how can we do bulk insert using XML,ASP.NET,SQL So...
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Difference between ref and out parameters in C#

Ref vs Out
Difference between ref and out parameters Till now we have discussed regarding Difference between Var and Dynamic in c#, Difference between Hashtable and Dictionary , Scheduler for multiple instances in C#, Constant vs ReadOnly in C# etc. Today we will discuss regarding Difference between ref and out parameters in C# with example and also...
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Grid Sorting navigate to Onbeforeunload Event

Hello Folks, my friend came to me with one issue like he has given window.onbeforeunload event to warn the user before leaving page but in that page 2-3 grids are there. So whenever he was doing sorting in grid onbeforeunload event fires up and warning message pop ups....
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ASP.NET MVC step by step- Hello World!

ASP.NET MVC step by step- Hello World Today we will step up towards first application- Hello world in ASP.NET MVC. To develop application we have to install first Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition, for installing you can watch video Visual Studio If you have installed visual studio 2013...
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Difference between input type button and submit

Today we will learn about  Difference between input type button and submit. A ‘button’ is just that, a button, to which you can add additional functionality using Javascript. A ‘submit’ input type has the default functionality of submitting the form it’s placed in (though, of course, you can still...
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Sorting DataList in asp.net

Hello Folks, I was wondered while searching for content that how to do sorting in datalist, but didn’t get any useful content. Finally i end up on searching and started thinking that how i will do it than idea strikes my mind and succeed in that. So i...
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C# Keywords

C# Keywords abstract as base bool break byte case catch char checked class const continue decimal default delegate do double else enum event explicit extern false finally fixed float for foreach goto if implicit in in (generic modifier) int interface internal is lock long namespace new null object...
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How to write SQL Query to get desire output-2

Sql Interview Questions: I have a question as below: I have a table created as [crayon-5c6aac18d7759358682308/] I want output as below: I have below solution to get this output: [crayon-5c6aac18d7761987392301/] Now that’s your turn to prove your ability, how can we get same answer using different query.
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Difference between & and && ,| and ||

Hello techno thirsty guys, there is a simple logic behind the & and && , | and ||. Single & and | are the Bit-wise operators while && and || are the Logical operators, which distinguish both of them from each other.Let us look into the examples.  Difference...
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