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Happy New Year 2016 Technothirsties

Hello Friends,

New Year 2016 is just evening away. Hope your last year was just fab one and hoping that this new year brings lots of happiness in your life and try your best to fulfill your own dreams because without working hard you never get anything in this world (;-)).

Times comes and go, one day again i will write about 2016 memories. So, its not that pass your time and year. Either try to improve your knowledge or share it, if you have good knowledge about technology or anything. Technothirsty is best platform to write your knowledge in your own language.

In past year we tried to reach you by the tech way and in upcoming year we are bringing more blogs in new or very known technologies in front of you. You will definitely going to love it. We are just improving ourselves and we want you to try it yourself also.And it’s my immense pleasure to announce that you also would be the part of Technothirsty. If you want to be member just contact us and we will give you access to write what you know about technology. You are most welcome in our world where we not just love to write blog, we love to share our views.

As i am fan of SQL i want to wish the same in query. Please execute following in SQL Server Management Studio with CTRL+ T option:

Wish you all Very Happy New Year and have a great year ahead.
Thanks for reading.Keep reading and smiling. 🙂


Software Engineer have some knowledge of technology, which i always want to share with everyone.

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